Let me start by saying that I still learn in school. I am in 11th grade and I have one learning year left. I think I have improved a lot in English over the past 5 years, but since I had been forced to change my school last year, I think my progress stopped. My English teacher has changed and the new way of teaching things plus the subjects we cover on English lessons is basically boring and already have been covered before. So I come to a conclusion, that I need to do something about this, because I want and I need to know English better for a lot of reasons, but I just don't improve the same way I used before. I tried talking with my old teacher, but all she said is that I must just work, because over those 5 years I may have missed something in grammar that I need to work on.

Anyway, the areas that I actually need to improve at aren't even touched at all. I understand how important English grammar is, but I think I know it quite well and I should focus on over things like speaking (which I think is my worst area, as my pronunciation used to be way better and currently is terrible).

So I want to ask, how to improve? All I need is a good advice and I will do everything else by myself.

I think i have these problems:

-my pronunciation is just terrible
-sometimes when I speak, I lack words to express myself - either I can't remember them or I just don't know them
-I do too much mistakes in words while writing
-my construction of sentences is bad and because of that I do mistakes and I can't express myself

What should I do? Should I try to watch films in English more often? Should I read English books?

Thank you in advance. ;)

P.S. I am trying to be like Momento_Mori in Enlish :D