Ok guys, I admit that i failed at trolling considering that my last forum threads didn't get much attention. The full turbo retard Usagi is still n°1 at trolling. I'm #2. It doesn't feel that bad to be #2. Next time i'll be #1 again.

Also, i wanted you to know that i cut my hair and shaved my beard. It feels amazing to be beautiful. And i love shootmania, it's the next big esport game, send love to Nadeo. We, french people, are the best at developping games and we know what is good or bad. Only thing that i'm missing is the lack of shaft-like kind of weapon, hopefully it will be in the beta (we are currently in alpha stage for this game).

Btw, if you are ugly or skinny don't reply to this thread, i just hate ugly and skinny people. I'm 1m82 for 83kg, and i kind of feel fat at the moment. I aim for 75kg, and then i'm gonna do pushups and all these stuffs to make your body beautiful. Stermy, i just love you, as well as strenx. Both are beautiful men, no homo.

Since i'm on vacation, i can't practice my shaft properly, i miss thunderstruck so much, i'm almost crying, no emo. Keep in mind that i'm one of the best thunderstruck player ever, if not the best. Last time i just beat tina, from team LEJDI, and yeah, she's a girl. I won 10:8, means that she's good at quake. Tina, if you read me, can we make a baby out of you together ? I'm a very attractive man with huge dick (19cm).

Look at this : http://team102.ru/img/dhs12/073.JPG and tell me again that shootmania is a bad game. Most pro quake players are playing and enjoying it.
On the other hand, am I the only one who thinks tha cypher should get a haircut ? He's a beautiful boy, but with his current haircut it's just... meh. Take a look at rapha's, he looks way better this way.

Ok, that's all for today. If you're a full turbo retard, you can reply to this thread, it's okay.