I dont think theres any reason to really stay on the site if you dont unban Jamerio` or take Jamerio off probation, what did he do and why are you punishing so many frequent members of ESR for just being their normal selves. I was okay with you putting one of the most technical guys on this website on probation but this is just unacceptable, you've hit Jamerio. I think we need to band together and stop being so overly sensitive. Not everyone here is a troll and some of us are serious when we say things, and I think Jamerio was one of those people. He was always true to himself and argued for what he believed in and he never trolled if not rarely, he actually believed in what he said with conviction. Some people think I troll because my punctuation changes?!?! Are you serious... sometimes I want to be credible and have people actually listen to stuff I feel strongly about and sometimes Im lazy and I just want to type without any grammar and punctutation because I feel like it. But I assume Jamerio is gone for a good time until someone with sense takes him back to his unique user level. I assume because Quake Live has become a major disappointment and because we are all bummed out about community moral, trolling is a pretty frequent thing, but don't ban people who are serious and don't always assume someone is trolling. This site has also always had a trolling user base if I remember and things were worse before than they are now, so let's all setttle down and relax and stop being sensitive douche bags and realize we are all united in our love of some id soft game and all of us, and yes, even me, are a little nerdy inside. Just don't tell my friends haha