I've been googling around and everything I find has some major problem. Idunno, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. Currently using a CM Sentinel Advance because I'm an idiot, and it was the only thing I could get within 15 minutes of my last mouse breaking.

I need:
small/medium size
really high perfect control speed (i use about 51cm/360)
preferably $60 or under
easy to hold on to (as in picking it up to re-center, current Sentinel Advance is fucking horrible about this)

Don't need:
more than 400-800 dpi
87 buttons (three is plenty)
dumb fucking lights

Kinzu looks perfect, except for the accel problems.

Zowie EC2 looks perfect, except every review says its built like a piece of shit. Plus it seems like it should be a lot cheaper than it is.

Mx518 is indestructible, cheap, and great for low-sense. But its heavy.

Xai looks good as well, but I'm not spending $90 on a mouse unless its the greatest mouse ever built and will last me for 10 years. That price-point seems retarded to me, unless using this mouse is like the second coming of Jesus or something.

In a perfect world, Kinzuadder. But I really don't want to buy two mice and then chance fucking both of them up. Plus I haven't soldered shit in around two years now, who knows how rusty I've gotten by this point.