At 20:00 CDT tonight, the United States of America Anima Gaming Spring Series: Powered by CSN will be continuing with the fourth installment of the Duel series. Currently, Canada gellehsak is in the #1 spot with 50 points. In the #2 spot is United States of America rapha with 49. With rapha in Italy this week, will gellehsak take advantage of this situation to gain a big lead again? Will he fall to other notable competitors like United States of America ZeRo4, United States of America ziel, or United States of America kgb?

Registration - Registration is still open for tonight and ends at 19:00 CDT. Just make an account, make a team (make sure to select Quake Live 4v4 CTF for your CTF team and Quake Live for your duel team), and click "sign up" on the event information page for the cup! Links for each event will be provided below!

Links: Duel #4 Sign-ups, CTF #2 Sign-ups, Current Rankings - mIRC #AG.league - mIRC #CSN