Scheduled: 10:00 CST, 19 December 2010 to 17:00 CST, 19 December 2010
Schedule: Passed

Welcome to this 1 on 1 special edition cup. Finally, the three top placed players will recive a small prize, which will be sponsored by myself. The cup will be played during the the 19th December 2010. Everyone is allowed to signup. You need to be in #NoGhost.Cups @ Quakenet to be easy reachable for your opponent. The check-in can you do by writing me a simple "check" on mIRC beetween 09:00 CDT and 11:00 CDT. The results can be entered by yourself and need to confirmed by your opponent or just simply message me. Good luck.

More informations about the callvote system and available servers can you find at the Cup Page. If you need help with installing the mod or different things let me know by contacting me at mIRC #NoGhost.Cups

Servers sponsored by Maverick Servers.

Links: Cup Page, Signup, NoGhost Mod, Maverick Servers