I didn't mind it when playing ET, I could cope with it.

But when playing Quake, it really feels something is wrong, especially if you had the chance to test other mice.

It's such a pity really: arguably one of the best shapes ever, albeit heavy, if you prefer to "cup" it (or should I sound leet and say claw grip?) with your fingers arched instead, given you have medium sized hands (http://www.glove.org/glovemeasure.php).

The funny thing is, it really seems that there's no real substitute for it; in a recent odyssey for a replacement I couldn't find a single "feel-alike" mice:

-Deathadder: those extremely sensible mouse1/mouse2 buttons just give away the purpose of a claw grip. You could probably mis-click by breathing on them. An expensive, yet oh-so-shiny, pain in the ass.

-G9: Skipped badly at low sens (70/360) on every surface (heard they fixed it with the G9x) and the shape wasn't exactly comfortable. An even more expensive, yet oh-so-many-leds-y, pain in the ass.

-IE 3.0: Would have probably been perfect with bigger hands and/or palm grip. Width & weight are perfect, length isn't.

There are only very few options left:

-IMO 1.1: probably the best guess, looks very similar to the MX, less weight.

-WMO: why don't you have side buttons?

-Xai: from the various pictures it seems to be more comfortable than the Kinzu or the Abyssus, although I've read about the sensor's problems which kinda sounds scary.

TL;DR: those of you who used a mx510-518-G5 with claw grip and switched to something else with no prediction, what did you get and why?