Stream is now LIVE on MLG's site.

Starcraft 2 will be making it's circuit debut at Major League Gaming's 50th live event in Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend.

All of North America's best players will be in attendance with the exception of United States of Americasc2_zergIdrA and United States of Americasc2_zergArtosis who both live in South Korea and will be attending the GSL qualifiers. Notable names include United States of Americasc2_protossTL.Tyler (NonY), Canadasc2_terrancoL.silver, United States of Americasc2_zergEG.Machine, Canadasc2_protossM.HuK, Canadasc2_protossroot.KiWiKaKi, United States of Americasc2_terranroot.qxc, United States of Americasc2_terranEG.LzGaMeR, Canada sc2_protossfnatic.TTOne and Canadasc2_zergSLush. Europeans Swedensc2_terrand.SjoW and Germanysc2_protossSocke will also be in attendance to try and dash the American and Canadian hopes.

All matches will be casted by United States of America Day9, United States of America JP, United States of America Husky and United States of America HD, rotating out with different pairings. The live stream can be found on the front page of all weekend. Brackets have not been released yet.

Schedule is below, with the finals taking place Saturday night.