Yesterday , Internacional and So Paulo played for the Libertadores Semi-Final.. but the truth is tha this match gave the spot into the world club finals because chivas gualadajara already eliminated Universidad the Chile, so the north america confederation already have a spot into the world club finals so they were playing for the prize (which is a good amount of money haha). However Internacional is a pretty damn good team.. better than when they beat barcelona in 2006..

internacional squad:
renan(actually on loan from valencia-esp)
abodanzieri (ex-boca juniors and argentina national squad)

they also have a solid defense with: fabiano eller and bolivar
kleber as a left fullback and winger (ex brazil national squad)
guiazu (from argentina, to be honest i dont know WHY he hasnt been capped.. its .. i dont know hail maradona! hahaha)
taison 22 years old, magic striker.. simply MAGIC hahahaha
d'alessandro (ex-zaragoza and wolfsburg, he`s really good)
giuliano (he`s a right winger and a good promise, i guess he`d be capped for our first nation squad very soon)
sorondo(ask gStructtor or something like this, he knows.. hahaha)
tinga (ex borussia, ask becks for more info)
ed (ex betis, and celta de vigo)
rafael sobis (25years old still, ex brazil national squad and betis)
andrezinho (i wonder why he hadnt been signed to a "european" team)

anyway.. of course they can lose to inter milan.. but this is a brief of what is coming to the end of the year.. i guess you guys appreciate it!