I'm proud to present 2009 years Challenge ProMode Team Deathmatch Nationscup!

We'll start off with the old ClanBase's procedure. If you want to be a captain of your nation, apply through sending a mail to cpmnations@gmail.com with a nice motivation why you should be selected as the captain of your nation. Make sure to include your name, nick, nation and where we can find you at IRC.

Make sure to apply before Saturday the 3rd of January. Sunday the 4th of January we'll select the captains and make it official.

Second step is for the captain to assign a team. Of course the captain should consider everyone of his / her nation and not to pick out the few friends he / she plays with.

The actual cup starts at 1st of February and the rules will be released later on.

To get as many teams to sign up as possible we decided that nations with a very small amount of players can team up with other nations to become a team. Example: The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg may team up and create a team. Also we decided that a nation with a very large amount of players may assign 2 captains and 2 teams.
The teams are not allowed to have more than 6 players + coach.