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Now, I know it has not be long since an Enemy Territory movie has made its way into the ranks of news here at ESR, but this time it is really an audience favorite that moves in, to take the gold of the best edited ET movie there is.

It is the movie maker Superboyy, who was know for his first movie called "superboyy puran", that has ventured into making his second movie ever.

The movie consists of frags produced by the fake nicking clan called "The Wolfenstein Killers", or [TWK], that was made in the periode from 2005 to 2007, as an ET 3on3 team trying to challenge the established clans. The team had great success and was still winning prizes even after the release of Yawn (the most disliked program of fake nickers).

Now the movie is only featuring kills from 3on3 matches made throughout the history of TWK. It shows a great amount of editing skills, as Superboyy showed us before; it is indeed one of the best ET fragmovies ever made, in my opinion.