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CPL Mouse Fix (1 comment)
Posted by Aaron @ 20:13 CDT, 1 May 2006 - iMsg
I actually forgot I had this here!
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a drafffft (No comments)
Posted by Aaron @ 00:42 CDT, 17 April 2006 - iMsg
Yes now only 8 days until i leave this awful rain-ridden country, and the panic is setting in. More or less, i've got everything ready to go away with, bar probably the correct mental state to endure such a trip. As you'll have already noticed i'm full of shit, but i genuinely feel like i've kicked back for the last 6 months, getting material things ready but not fully appreciating the cultures i'm about to embrace in asia. So after long deliberations with my Polish travelling friend Mr. Birch, we have decided to land into Hong Kong first rather than India. The reasoning behind such thinking was, that we hadn't understood the size of India ('its the size of bloody europe you fool', i was told numerous times), our passage into China through Nepal was blocked by crazy be-heading fundementalists (pussy - i know), and well where do you start on two drunken white boys traipsing through rural china. So Hong Kong seems the best place to land into. Really looking forward to getting to Hong Kong, from what i've read and been told, it looks to be right up my alley. A massive metropolis with a right mixture of eastern and western culture, with plenty of bars, women and most importantly fantastic gambling opportunities. Then again a friend by the name of Lewis, told Mr. Birch to keep me away from Macau as its full of ho's, scoundrels and gamblers. Even in their far flung ex-colonies, you can still rely on the good old portugese to enjoy themselves. From their the plan is to head into Vietnam, do a bit of fishing on a nice beach for few weeks, then onto the angkor empire trail in Cambodia. From their go and party 'till new year in Thailand, and then travel down to Singapore and live the high life for a couple of days, hopefully ready to go back to some sanity in New Zealand. Once in New Zealand, the plan is to chill with family who emigrated there a few years ago, maybe do some work to try and get some more cash ready for the onslaught of Latin America. Aah Latin America, the place to fulfil all my dreams. Its got everything, beaches, women, music, language, natural wonders, savage history, beautiful history, women. I can't fucking wait to land into Santiago. Chile just looks the most wonderful place, and i have no doubt that i won't be disappointed. Stick with my blog, obviously i have nothing to say at the moment, thinkin i might write one tomorrow with a list of things i'm bringing with me, more as a reference, but this blog can only get better as i drink myself around the world.
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steelpad and icepad demos for mat review (No comments)
Posted by Aaron @ 21:41 CST, 10 December 2005 - iMsg
Demos for the Icemat 2nd Edition Review. Rather these note appear on the ESR page.
Edited by Zimmerman at 03:41 GMT, 11th Dec 2005 - 1798 Hits
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