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Is Quake random? (97 comments)
Posted by Tripleight @ 22:14 BST, 30 August 2017 - iMsg
ESR, we need to get some things straight.

Are high caliber players not entitled to be fortunate of having certain situations going their way despite any odds or prior experience?

What is random? And why some players say it's Quake Champions? What exactly does that mean in the context of gameplay?

Let's start to summarize some things from these drama shit shows that are QuakeCon topics into smaller shit shows.
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Is fearZZz an addict? (25 comments)
Posted by Tripleight @ 23:32 BST, 23 April 2015 - iMsg

23:00, listen, as he says that he is sick for a month and a half, and that it's not a sickness, but road to recovery.

Have I missed something? What he has been using?
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POP-UP/AD HELL (26 comments)
Posted by Tripleight @ 00:14 GMT, 8 March 2015 - iMsg
I hadn't cleaned my PC for a long time, now I did and I somehow deleted my AD blocker which I installed centuries ago and don't even remember what it was. Some webpages I can't even read, because they keep just refreshing to another shitty commercial, now my Firefox keeps crashing whenever too much brainwashing material wants to open at the same time. My stone age PC does not like that. It crashed already 3 times from the arrested Av3k thread to the making of this topic. I will probably hit the submit post button and some shit will fly out on the screen crashing my browser.

Tell me what are you using to combat a menace like that? It is really bad, I am asking here, because I want effective and known solutions.
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