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Old Quake 3 matches recordings thread (11 comments)
Posted by G- @ 19:34 CDT, 12 October 2019 - iMsg
i will be continually updating this thread with some recording requests of old game matches im not sure where to find anymore. maybe i just dont know the websites, but feel free to make requests of your own if you find yourself in the same state as me :)

ones that immediately come to mind right now:

-old Blue tourney4 games (and tourney2)
like/includin the q3dm6 game at the CPL pacific tourney where he ended fats streak of dominance in tournaments on

-lakerman matches CPL Babbages/2001ish

-Elan and Edge from the same era


shadoolaw - especially if anyone still has this game and can upload it, or jus any other games from shadoolaw i'd really appreciate it.

thanks! q=)
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CHANGE rail color in q3a OSP??? (14 comments)
Posted by G- @ 14:25 CDT, 8 October 2019 - iMsg
installed quake 3 and OSP again (much, much better than cpma btw) and i cant figure out how to change the rail color. its stuck on some distracting color for a piece of graphic no one will ever care about ina million years except maybe epileptic down syndrome mental rejects (no offense to anyone wid this but I feel like my cfg is hackd)

did seta color1 forcecolors looked thru ch_ cmds googled etc no effect please help
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Windows cursor stuck in Q3:A in-game (4 comments)
Posted by G- @ 13:40 CDT, 24 September 2019 - iMsg
i reinstalled Quake 3 Arena (much better than ql btw) but theres a problem where the windows cursor stays stuck in the middle of the screen on top of the crosshair and cant get it to go away. its there from the moment the game runs and doesnt move in menus while controlling the crosshair selector thing. during beginnin animations i think i can kinda get it to move slightly if i move the mouse alot.

am using windows 10 on a 1366 res display
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Wingman Gaming mouse FORCE FEEDBACK version mod question (No comments)
Posted by G- @ 16:54 CDT, 24 August 2019 - iMsg
the wingman mouse had a force feedback version:


i know someone who can sell an unused one to me but not for too cheap, so for those that might know, is it possible to gut the force feedback mechanisms off the mouse while installing a "perfect" optical sensor in it effectively? im more than willing to pay someone to do a mouse mod for me, but the important thing is weight and whether it can be made into an accurate mouse for games on a competitive level.

if someone has experience or knows about this mod please let me know ASAP, so i can decide whether to buy it off him or not (because obviously i would only get it if it can be modded). also useful is what sensors could work; old school ones like the wmo one (MLT04 i think) are also fine, mainly lookin for "perfect" sensors, and then as well higher dpi ones (not sure there actually is a high DPI sensor thats really perfect, dont think there is)
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clawz and major LAN event cheating (60 comments)
Posted by G- @ 13:24 CST, 1 December 2017 - iMsg
I haven't been on this site much lately, so i don't really know whats been the major topics or general discussions recently, but i have reliable sources leaking that he cheated and months later i havent seen anyone mention or even briefly speculate or just seen anything that clawz could have been cheating during quakecon. Perhaps because its an official LAN event and we're used to taking these for granted, or there are no POV demos yet (and he did not get much stream time, even in the duel matches, and especially not in the team games), or because hes a new face playing at a world class level people here might like to see more of - but basically i have it on some pretty good inside information that he proly cheated a bit at the event.

I cant give away my sources here right now, but even analysing some of his play, someone whos familiar with the way cheats work, or even more importantly knows how to play at a similar level at his consistency and hitting some of the shots at the consistency he was doing, can catch alot of suspicious moments. And maybe its been my inactivity but i haven't seen anyone say a single thing about it anywhere, on comments forums etc. There has already been controversy in cs:go where sponsored pro players were caught cheating at LAN tournaments, (and OW where i think winz called out a well known player, but i cant remember the details) and i believe even a couple of them were known for being the best players but i dont remember everything.

I can also give out that there was proly some under the table thing going on, between bethesda setting him up as this new "face" of Quake or star, and the prize money he won a majority of basically staying with them.

Would be great if someone could point me to any discussions about this, as it seems like everyone has jus accepted him as the best player ever with this kind of a record win, and only me and others i know hav analysed it, even beyond our sources. What is most concerning i think is the technology is now there for cheating as explained (ex. Mice have enough memory to hide hacks in them, backdoors can also provide remote access), but the technology doesnt seem to be there for prevention, at least as far as i can see, whether or not what is speculated even happend or not for any of these games/incidences. Logicaly to me it seems like the only way to thoroughly prevent/keep cheating in check is thru "manual methods" outside of any software. Im posting because of what i know and my sources; its extremely crucial this and the whole topic in general got some serious attention, not to mention combined/jus given the strangeness and extremely abnormal result of this event it should have already gotten some attention especialy by now.
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Q3 sens and QC sens the same? (1 comment)
Posted by G- @ 03:31 CDT, 19 July 2017 - iMsg
Sorry if this has been postd before, but anyone know the relationship or difference between q3 sens and qc sens? Ty

Note i did try usin calculators (funender) to get the same sens on different dpi, but havnt been able to realy compare thoroughly. Cant realy tell, but thought sumthin was dif, think mouse suckd
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Q3 sens and QC sens the same? (9 comments)
Posted by G- @ 03:19 CDT, 19 July 2017 - iMsg
Sorry if this has been postd before, but anyone know the relationship or difference between q3 sens and qc sens? Ty

Note i did try usin calculators (funender) to get the same sens on different dpi, but havnt been able to realy compare thoroughly. Cant realy tell, but thought sumthin was dif, think mouse suckd
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Logitech mx300 weight and SRAV (20 comments)
Posted by G- @ 07:30 CST, 4 March 2017 - iMsg
Does anyone know the exact weight of this legendary mouse? With and without the metal crap in it? And does anyone hav srav tests on it or know if theres any, at 1000 or 500hz obv? (there is alota neg accel at its plug and play 125hz)
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Positive acceleration for 3310 and 3366? (23 comments)
Posted by G- @ 06:06 CST, 28 February 2017 - iMsg
Back in the day these sensors were considered perfect, but apparently ive seen people now say they have very very minimal, but still consistent positive accel that is there. Is there data/stats or reviews someone can link me to, or just confirmation on it? I am concerned for both slower sensitivities, like 40 cm/360 and above, and mainly faster sens like 20cm/360 etc; since it seems if there is some curve, or whatever it is, it would be noticeable at more than a couple of pixels for a faster sens.

I'd like to know the behavior for both surface tuning on/off.
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Help: Cant see post history (1 comment)
Posted by G- @ 04:54 CST, 29 December 2016 - iMsg

Only five posts and a single page for show all.

My main profile page has more posts jus in the past month.
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Q3A Rocket Arena 3 not running (9 comments)
Posted by G- @ 09:05 CDT, 30 August 2016 - iMsg
Couldnt load when i tried connecting to a couple servers today. the game has ran well for me before and i hav the latest patches. i decided to fire it up today for old times

1) was when i opened quake3.exe and went to mods -> arena (RA3). I connected to a server in the server browser. It gave me this in the console:

----- finished R_Init -----
Loading dll file ui.
Failed to load dll, looking for qvm.
Loading vm file vm/ui.qvm.
VM file ui compiled to 676282 bytes of code
ui loaded in 2089504 bytes on the hunk
Can't use keys or values with a "
116 arenas parsed
1 arenas ignored to make count divisible by 4
35 bots parsed
execing q3config.cfg
execing q3config.cfg

2) i tried a server in the default menu when openin quake3.exe that was simply labeled "DM" and it told me i needed PunkBuster installed and enabled, and to DL a game patch from id's site lol.

I was able to connect to another server labeled 'DM' in the default menu that didnt seem to be runnin PB.

Can this b fixed or should i just buy the game again?

both servers i couldnt connect i ping wel to/am local (sub 40ms).

Please help. i uploaded a condump of the RA3 incident.

1. No (serious;) suggestions for QL. Thats a different game
2. i realy want to play RA3 again.

EDIT: heres the error it gave me in the console for RA3:
ERROR: Client/Server game mismatch: RA3175/
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Thickness of stock WMO+IMO+m$Blue feet (16 comments)
Posted by G- @ 10:51 CST, 13 January 2015 - iMsg
Does anyone here know the exact thickness of the feet for the WMO, the IMO and also the m$Blue optical(has same MLT sensor)?

Is it .5mm? I remember the old hyperglidez ('MS-1') for the IE3.0, WMO, and IMO were .5mm thick (theyre now .8mm, sold as 'MS-3').

If u want more info:
i did some extensive testing before and realized these mouses sensors' trackin is affected with teflon tape that is .010 inch thickness on top of the stock feet. I dont want to brag about my ability/exp. in FPS or knowledge - but Im 100% certain of this, and almost as certain that the effect is prolly not ideal.

what this means is that tracking is changed with .25mm of extra height. So if u replace with say a different feet that is very thick (Puretrack perfectglide HD are 1.2mm thick), avoidin this is a small margin of error.

One caveat is that i tested on an icemat(black) and use a high sensitivity, so this may be less noticeable or not even important if you do not. (But alot who use these mice do so exactly because theyre one of few that work 100% on glass, and the surface may not even matter.)

I also applied replacement feet on top of the stock feet before (cant remember brand, but like hyperglidez), and tracking was affected, but this is kinda known.

These mice are (thankfully) on their way out, along with their miserable generation(hopefuly), so i realize its late if this wasnt already well known. But now i wana replace the feet and make sure i do it right and go out with one last bang, and to properly compare upgrades.
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Changing movement keys? Any experience? (37 comments)
Posted by G- @ 14:30 CST, 3 January 2015 - iMsg
i changed my movement keys/setup to somethin that is more comfortable, ie. less strain on fingers, hand. Less discomfort with the keyboard (cherry brown).

Problem is, its the second day in and im not sure i can ever get used to this.

im an expert player whos been playin for a long time and multiple games, and ive been using the same standard setup since the beginnin. Mind u i got this new one from a world class dueler's cfg, so its not ridiculous. But im undoing maybe as much as half a lifetimes worth of sub-conscious.

i want to be able to play quake for the rest of my life, into my 70s if i live that long witout issues like arthritis, RSI etc. destroyin the activity for me.

im also a little concerned my movement skills (dodgin) are so ingrained, that i may lose some of its vitality in the "transition" (if i ever even get reasonably adjusted).

Whos ever fully succeeded in doin this? how long did it take? Any tips? how did it turn out in the end? Notice a change in how u move? Are my RSI/longevity concerns unfounded?

Shud i play some single player games? I realy want to play Doom again.
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change polling rate of USB 3.0 Win7 x64? (18 comments)
Posted by G- @ 06:13 CDT, 9 July 2014 - iMsg
Anyone been able to do this? Think some of the guides do say theyre for USB 2 only. I've spent a bit of time trying the standard way of doing it on a Win7 Ultimate x64 and i cant seem to get it to work (hidusbf2 - [url][/url], and some other common guide elsewhere).

Im bootcamping on a rMacbook Pro 2012 which only has USB3.0 ports. Bootcamp shouldnt be a problem either because i have been able to change the polling rate on bootcamp win7 MBPs before (USB 2). I use an m$ intellimouse optical.

Also, I think USB 3.0 is supposed to use interrupts (ie. no polling to change).. this could explain my problem, but if u plug in a non-USB 3.0 device, doesnt it act as a USB 2 or 1 port, and goes back to polling the connected device instead rite?

Maybe im just messin it up somehow? Is there a slightly different method for 64bit or bootcamp? Anyone else been able to do it on USB3?
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