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screenshot steam version ql (46 comments)
Posted by Sietse @ 17:41 CDT, 16 September 2014 - iMsg
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Quake loadouts!? (46 comments)
Posted by Sietse @ 16:44 CDT, 12 August 2014 - iMsg
So seriously, at first I didn't believe this 'leaked' changelog at all, but now with the leaked IRC log its actually believable.

But what are these loadouts about!? To recap, from what I have read this means that you now can spawn with one of these weapons: mg, sg, gl or pg AND one of these weapons: rl, lg, rg and heavy machine gun (new weapon). This just sounds so retarded; I can actually live with all other changes, the item timers, the new gauntlet etc, at least I would be able to play a proper duel game (or tdm/ctf for that matter). But not with these loadouts.

For example, imagine being out of control on aerowalk. Everyone who plays duel knows how hard it is to even get these weapons without getting damaged heavily or even dying. Now you can spawn with railgun in hand and probably do at least 90 damage before you die, than when you are dead you just spawn again with railgun and do 90 damage et voila, you got your control back, if you would even speak of control (it might be more than 2 deaths, but you get what I am saying here).

Also, the randomness would increase a lot in the starting spawns. On most big maps, you get either red/mega, a YA and 2 main weapons. The main weapon you are lacking, is the one you could choose as a loadout, but you don't know which one this is before the game starts and because the spawns are completely random this is just creating a big luck factor.

Also, just imagine how stupid vertical vengeance would be if you could spawn with railgun.

This doesn't stop at duel though, for example spawning with railgun at space ctf, this was actually mentioned on IRC and this was sponge's response:

<+ia> yea that will definitely be the worst of the problems spacectf has
<KingPsychopath> What probs :P
<@sponge> we can disable weapons in maps
<@sponge> it depends on how often we wish tou se that ability

Even disabling certain weapons on certain maps won't be a great solution, all weapons that you aren't supposed to spawn with you just shouldn't spawn with. Map designers already have the option to give players weapons at the start if that is needed, albeit not chosen by the player specifically. I think on spacectf you even spawn with shotgun already.

Also on tdm funnyb already said something in another thread, so I'll just quote him:

5 sec respawn for pub MIGHT be good for pub tdm (but definately awful for proper tdm) if there were no loadouts. now just fucking imagine tdm with 10 players, all respawning with railgun and every weapon respawning in 5 secs. the game is completely different and in my opinion, awful.

The only gamemode where this actually wouldn't have a big impact is ffa.

So what I am saying here is: please just remove these awful loadouts on duel, ctf and tdm. And if you (syncerror/sponge) really don't want to remove this, please consider it again, but only for duel. Duel is just completely ruined with this, and without loadouts I (and maybe others as well) might actually play some duels on these public servers instead of just 'classic'.

I am still hoping this is one big troll though by sponge and the whole focus team who created a fake changelog and irc log :D
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