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Mastermind song =] (8 comments)
Posted by Zyteck @ 06:21 CDT, 25 October 2014 - iMsg
I finished the 2nd short track :P (thx for help ^^) .. It's an Halloween edit that i made thinking on the infect game that accurs on quake in this period d:).

Concept of the song (yes this song has a concept ahah):

"The Mastermind is back! After killing the arena heroes , he transforms the victims and call them back from the dead world. So it begins the war of darkness in the quake world. At the end even the most skilled are no match for the Halloween king and became monster to"

Enjoy this creepy/trance/tunz-tunz/ UT/ bla bla bla song d=]
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Jump sound :) (14 comments)
Posted by Zyteck @ 04:25 CDT, 24 October 2014 - iMsg
Hi guys i would like to do onether short track with quake sound ;).
I'm missing some jump sound and i don't have the time to check it out by myself , so if you guys can give a hand i will appreciate.

As you know there are some quake characthers that have the same jump sound , so just write "this heroes has the same jump sound as doom etc.... And the nominies for the missing sound are :

-Daevia = jump sound ?
-Gorre =
-Cadavre =
-Hossman =
-Patriot =
-Phobos =
-Ranger =
-Stripe =
-Wrack =

This is the first track in case you missed d:) --->
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What's the point in cheating ? (60 comments)
Posted by Zyteck @ 04:06 CDT, 10 October 2014 - iMsg
I know this is a over used thread , but just for chit-chat =].
I really don't get why people cheat , for you what's the reason ? Sure you are gona write down becouse they are looser and such , but i think it's more than a bad habit . I think they seriously need help in getting the point of "gaming=fun "and not "gaming=frustruation-so i use cheat to have fun". What do you think ? =]
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Prepare to fight song =) (15 comments)
Posted by Zyteck @ 10:27 CDT, 6 October 2014 - iMsg
Hi everyone , yesterday i was messing around with Flstudio and i made this short track with the marvelous voice of Xian . I'm totally an amateur , but i want to share these short track anyway .
Enjoy ;)
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Does a good cfg really matter ? (66 comments)
Posted by Zyteck @ 06:38 CDT, 26 September 2013 - iMsg
I've tried different pro player cfg and made some on my own , but what i notice is that at some point i play the same with defualt cfg or costume one (same accuracy) . So aside from adjusting the sensitivity and use cl_maxpackets 125 and rate 25000 , do you really think a cfg make the difference ? i know it's a stupid question just want to know your thought =)
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