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Rating: 7.4 (35 votes)
An Australian Promode film by AustraliaJS3.

We had an idea back in 2013 to make a frag movie after a few years of heavy local activity, but never actually got around to it. I decided to finally let the idea come to life after a few hours of nostalgic reminiscing. 3 days later, and we have Useless Idlers. Because 20 year old me and 16-18 year old me have different ideas of "good frags," many demos didn't make the final cut in here in 2016, and I also lost a whole heap of demos in between migrating computers while i was an active player.

The name was derived from the 20+ or so people that idled in #promode.au, but frustratingly never actually !add'd to any games. All in all the film is more of a memoir than anything, to the countless hours we sunk into what we believe to be the finest FPS ever created.

Enjoy the first and last proper CPMA frag movie Australia has to offer :)