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philiAN -vs- Sting (11 comments)
Posted by ffx @ 09:44 CDT, 18 October 2014 - iMsg

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Gametype: Duel
Map: Aerowalk
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: philiAN
Version info: ql
How to play back QL demos

I asked phil whether he could upload the game on youtube after seeing the demo myself because imo it is worth a watch and a decent ending to his "duel carreer".
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Looking for 4v4 tdm opponents (No comments)
Posted by ffx @ 10:26 CDT, 6 May 2013 - iMsg
Yo team heheyo) (!clans/summary/217654) is looking for tdm opponents. Preferably low as two of us have literally no experience in tdm (nor in ql :D). So far they know dm20 and a bit of dreadful. If anyone wants to play a couple of game write me a pm or add me in ql.
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philiaN streaming (24 comments)
Posted by ffx @ 20:29 CDT, 16 March 2012 - iMsg

1800+ elo guy streaming some games. Still testing stuff because it's lagging as hell on his side.
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Mlg winter restream (10 comments)
Posted by ffx @ 16:10 CST, 24 February 2012 - iMsg
Has anyone a working link?
Hope our Russian brothers help us out. Online barcraft ftw :D

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LoL > ql (422 comments)
Posted by ffx @ 08:34 CDT, 27 June 2011 - iMsg

Forseeable after all the disasters with ID and ql (server, specbug, updates on eventdays) but it still sucks :(.
I don't get it how 200k people can watch a game like LoL. It's quite popular in the states so there might be the explanation. First halo and now lol -________- Way to go fatsos
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eswc fails again?! (72 comments)
Posted by ffx @ 11:42 CDT, 5 July 2010 - iMsg
I just read on, that eswc has money problems and the players might never see their price money. Also they pissed off the sponsors like Peugeot, because they promised more than 50k visitors and in the end there were only about 3k.


Would be nice if someone who is able to speak french can witness this and probably give some more hints.
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Re: DreamHack Summer 2010 - LIVE! (No comments)
Posted by ffx @ 09:10 CDT, 19 June 2010 - iMsg
Will there be any pictures of the players? Would like to see guard, whether he is really the tough guy he seems to be online :=)
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