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1.1a dying? (14 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 06:44 CDT, 12 July 2015 - iMsg
Recently my mouse has started to turn off and on by itself. Is it dying? :(
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LMAO (16 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 10:06 CDT, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
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im angry (19 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 17:22 CDT, 11 August 2014 - iMsg
so i got banned and how do i bypass that ban? do i need to format c?

im not gonna cry how i never cheated and shit cos u obviously dont care, querying syncerror wont help either cos he wont reply, so just gimme info and im outta here, ty
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What does the fox say? (40 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 12:42 CDT, 6 September 2013 - iMsg
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cheap laptop that runs ql on 125fps? (39 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 04:56 CST, 16 January 2013 - iMsg
any suggestions?
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manchester (21 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 16:12 CST, 8 December 2012 - iMsg

is someone here living in manchester and wants to drink a few beers?

im not gay btw
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RIP Armstrong [*] (29 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 18:36 CDT, 25 August 2012 - iMsg
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Max Payne 3 (20 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 07:39 CDT, 2 June 2012 - iMsg
What a game.
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Bruce Springsteen gays man music? (6 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 05:36 CST, 1 March 2012 - iMsg

whos laughing now?
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PQL CTF tourney, or league? (4 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 13:04 CST, 18 February 2012 - iMsg

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Posted by annihiluzz @ 08:37 CST, 16 December 2011 - iMsg
Hello. Me again. Shit's getting hilarious, check this out:

So anybody knows some pro gamers that have more than two fakes? Lets see if they ban them too? IP ban them of course
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ANNIHILUZZ GOT CAUGHT (or not) (232 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 13:13 CST, 13 December 2011 - iMsg

Hello ESR.

So today we'll be looking at really strange case. I logged onto QL today and guess what, yep - I was banned. So what did I do? Well, like a nice and polite person I am I sent an email to ID with a question why the fuck im banned. At first I thought maybe I have too many fake accounts (four). Well not exactly. Some helpful person in ID replied to me with some wall of text and bullshitness that I use 3rd party software. I was fucking shocked, at first i thought THE FUCK? Maybe prism? Nope. CHEATS they say.

So we are having a nice mail conversation, Im asking for some "PROOFS" cos you cant just fucking ban someone without any demo or something for fucking sake. And here's quote from ORDUS: "...And we have no obligation or desire to tell you what triggered our system."

LOLWUT? So now they have a fucking system? What system you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. And mail conversation ended.

So my question is: how can you treat people like that? Is this fucking joke? Im not some random player, I played in DIV1 ctf. I play this game for 10 fucking years and they ban me for no reason? I even offered my demos, but guess what, they dont want.

I know some people here dont care about this, hell, probably most of you dont give a shit. But if someone could help me with this I would be really helpful. I never cheated and never will be.


EDIT: I will upload my last game on my fake account.!profile/summary/Sw...259031fd90

as you can see it might be a little suspicious - 30 frags with LG and 56% acc with it, well check a demo then (ID software)

EDIT2: All demos of games I played on my fake account the day I got banned:
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QL AND CHROME? (31 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 14:47 CDT, 9 August 2011 - iMsg
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HoN goes f2p (12 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 11:05 CDT, 29 July 2011 - iMsg
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2GD dancing and juggling (9 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 16:51 CDT, 10 May 2011 - iMsg
yup, and much more
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WMO drivers? (11 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 12:59 CST, 8 March 2011 - iMsg
Does someone install drivers for wmo? If yes, where i can find them? If no fuck me in the ass
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I LOVE POLAND (34 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 05:03 CDT, 28 September 2010 - iMsg

just bought wmo for 6euro, its so cheap i didnt even need to steal it


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Lego Starcraft (7 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 09:59 CDT, 4 August 2010 - iMsg
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