I have been using goliathus speed for a while now (second pad going) and I don't really like the silky smoothness of it. Also when the pad wears out, it becomes very inconsistent (going from silky frictionless feel to a very high friction).

So recommend me a mousepad which has good control and that isn't too "smooth" like goliathus. It should have a bit of texture or feeling on it.

Most importantly, it should have VERY CONSISTENT FEEL / FRICTION overall. Higher friction is more preferred than too low friction (But highest possible friction isn't necessarily needed if it's just overall very consistent).

Looking at these atm: Allsop, NP+, QCK heavy

Everglide titan would be another good option too, because I have tried it, but it seems they don't sell it anywhere anymore.

What I know of them:
Allsop seems like classic high friction pad (can anyone compare it to everglide titan?).
NP+ I haven't found any user comments of it.
QCK heavy is also classic pad but is it more consistent than goliathus? and how's the friction?
Everglide titan felt really consistent and had some textured feeling on it aswell, but can't find it.

Opinions ? =)