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Big quake champions update is heading our way (29 comments)
Posted by cha0z_ @ 06:42 CDT, 10 May 2021 - iMsg
I guess for some of you this may be interesting as there are actual changes beyond balance/new map that are really important in the upcoming update:


Crosshair Hit Color
Choose a crosshair color to flash when dealing damage. Must be enabled with "Crosshair Hit Color Enabled".

Crosshair Hit Scale
Players may now choose to scale their crosshair either larger or smaller when hitting a target.

Damage Number Summation
Damage numbers now show a total of recent damage dealt to a target, accumulating high rate of fire weapons into a combined damage dealt number.

Speedometer Position
Players may now choose to move the Speedometer info from below the crosshair to below the Champion portrait near the Health and Armor.

Ability Info Position
Players may now choose to move the Ability Icon from the center of the screen and push it to either the LEFT or RIGHT side, useful for either players with centered weapons, or those who just wish group this information near either the Health & Armor Vitals or the Ammo info.


Raw Mouse Input
This is currently not ready for testing and should be disabled. We are hopefully wrapping up this work soon, so be on the look out for news and a call-to-arms to help test. Please double check that you have this option DISABLED.

Among other things like new VO for all the champions, new map, new old school ranger skin, gun skins and they are doing some work on the engine code (even if nothing major, they said a lot of changes actually). I am personally really excited mostly about raw input and the thing that I feel that ESR community will be most curious about to try + crosshair hit colour is something I personally missed from QL.

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razer manticor or razer destructor 2 (8 comments)
Posted by cha0z_ @ 18:49 CST, 20 February 2014 - iMsg
Hi fellow forumers!

I need your help to decide with mousepad to get for my razer imperator mouse (3.5G version). First of all my setup is 24.5cm/360 (5600dpi/0.3sens), no accel, razer scarab mousepad, my arm is only till the elbow on the desk, palmish grip, I have kinda good control even with faster sensitivity(played with 10cm, even 2/1cm at some point q3 lol and still aimed okish), palm grip. The thing is the manticor looks so f*cking sexy, but I never used nor tried aluminium pad in my life. I had destructor and liked it, also I had megasoma and liked it, also I like the scarab.. maybe the obvious choice is the destructor 2 to go for the safe side, but I keep asking mylself about the manticor and if it's any better and how much friction it has compared to the destructor 2?

tl:dr Can you share your opinions about them? Will be thankful if you don't start to offer other mousepads as sadly I have few more, but the razer mouses are just pain in the ass to work on other manufacturer surfaces and I prefer to go with one of those.

inb4 wmo(I got one, btw! Good mouse! ;p) and white sheet taped on the desk.
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New nikita113/yuka alias? (42 comments)
Posted by cha0z_ @ 07:38 CDT, 20 May 2011 - iMsg
I am almost positively sure that's new yuka alias:!profile/statistics/freeme4ever

Played him, he play like him+he was suspiciously knowing things yuka style+his stats are similar. What you think?
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Toxjq fake account? (21 comments)
Posted by cha0z_ @ 09:00 CST, 13 December 2010 - iMsg
At the end of the working day I am bored and decide to go and check some profiles on quake live. Incidentally I found this one:!profile/statistics/Ninochka
If you go and compare it to toxjq profile:!profile/statistics/toxjq
They are almost the same...same accuracy, same weapon use,etc.
I am almost positive that this is toxjq profile, witch makes me happy, because he play from time to time :P

Discuss. \:D/
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