We all know constant high fps is what all gamers look for, but different cards on different drivers and in different games have different frame latencies, aka the time it takes for the card to process the info and display the frame.

The problems arise when, as tests show, frame latency si spikey, varying from as low as 10ms to over 50ms over the course of a few frames, thus giving a stuttery and jittery feel even at high average fps.

As tests show ( http://techreport.com/review/23419/nvidia-gef...reviewed/4 , http://techreport.com/review/21516/inside-the...nchmarking ), different cards perform widely different in this respect, and I cannot help but underline the importance of frame latency in fast-paced games. Mice have low input lag, high polling rates, monitors have 120hz refresh times, but when a frame takes as much as 50ms to show, there's a problem. Even more so when latencies are anything but constant, which can simply mess up your aiming and your whole perception of the game.