The netcode needs an obvious fix, the shoot-behind-and-hit technique is just not the way to achieve a playable competitive game. I know i know, you're not aiming for a competitive game, but at least make it playable and free of random frustration.

I know you have said that there is problem with the models as well, but, why not introduce one model (call him boxed keel) and fit him exactly to the collisionbox, fine, let him not be so 'active' in his movements, but at least we, the competitive players will know what to shoot at and will know what we hit.

At present, a person's window of shooting opportunity is virtually delayed and therefore twice as longer as it would in a normal lag compensated game (look at CPMA, Enemy Territory, Call of Duty, CS1.6). There is no excuse that can save you here from doing some hard work, you need to do this.

Due to this netcode error, there are other anomalies happening all the time, for examle railing a wall will sometimes yield a hit on a person behind the wall, on my screen it's obvious i shot the wall's edge, but the game told me i hit the person. I am 100% sure it's due to the bugged netcode. Also there's various bugs where LG won't hit you if you are closely following a person and bumping into them, and they are just walking straight backwards.

Of course, as an imaginative person, i can visualize new problems coming from the potentially fixed netcode, call it 6th sense or not, but let me reveal you the truth: The LG will get much much weaker than what it is right now. If the netcode is bugged (i hope we're all on the same page and have seen the various videos around the net about people shooting models 10 feet behind them) that means we're getting extra hitpoints when shooting LG on our opponents. This means that once the netcode is fixed, we will not get these hitpoints that we presently get, we will only get a fraction of them. Therefore, due to popular demand and common sense you need to put the LG up to 7 damage uniform @ 20 cells per second, or 9 damage uniform @ 15 cells per second.

Your spawn system is too dependent on the opponent. This is a really bad thing since you get games where your spawning is completely controlled by your opponent, why is it so hard to create something less opponent controllable? How about the opportunity to spawn instantly (mid/farthest away) after you are dead, and i'm not talking about the present 2-3 second wait, i'm talking INSTANT spawn. It's only an idea, but i'm sure people can come up with much better ones than the ones present right now (jumping on the dm6 pad towards RL will spawn your opponent on the bridge stairs, makes no sense).

There are various points around all your maps that need polishing, of course i'm talking about small edges which completely block shots (that should do about 80 or slightly less damage) and here are some examples:
- little clips stop rockets
- random parts of staircases stop rockets
Those are just 2 examples of millions really... The floor on T7 in the pillar area and the semi-watered rail area is just horrible. Random rockets are completely stopped (rockets that determine a death or a frag) and it makes absolutely no sense to have that in a game that is predominantly about killing your opponent. I wouldn't care if these edges were on the ceiling, or if this game was about picking up flowers, but when random shots get blocked (that you can't really control, this is all reflex shooting, not a turn-based strategy game) then we have got a problem.

There is no support for community maps, i know i know, you are introducing 6 maps in 6 weeks, that's what - 1 map per gametype, if that, since they might turn out to be flops. Just saying, if you could just tell the community a way that they can contribute, they will get you millions of maps. (and dollars of course, since more people would be interested to play a game that has a lot of NEW maps for every gametype).

There is the lack of weapons cuztomization. I am pretty sure that people want these things, we're not idiots, we're not hackers, we don't want aimbots and critical hits (tf2), we want to customize aspects of our weaponry. We want to remove the muzzle flash from our drawgun 1/2 cvars (no muzzle flash with drawgun 0, then why should people with drawgun 1 suffer?). LG impact nuclear mushroom removal cvar, cg_lightningimpact 0 plz. I mean this is a given, quake 3 Arena had this 10 years ago, and people didn't complain that people could use it, it's the same as complaining that people use different picmip or mapoverbrightbits settings. Everyone has their own taste, a different computer, a different monitor. We also need the ability to change the thickness of various things - like projectile smoke thickness, lightning gun texture (as well as give us different texture options - why not introduce COLOR3 for LG color? it would be kick ass.) and many many other things.

edit: I think it's real important that you as developers need to give us a comfort zone, that's why these customizations help, they make us happy, we promote your game, make you happy. It's a symbiotic relationship.

so to reiterate:

1. Fix the netcode
2. Buff the LG to 7-7-7@20cps or 9-9-9@15cps
3. Polish the maps (like T7 for example) and remove clips that instantly stop rockets
4. Give the community a way to contribute in map creation
5. Make it possible for us to customize various aspects of our weapons (lightning impact, smoke trail thickness, muzzle flash, etc)
6. Due to popular demand: add more sound capabilities - 3D effects (to discern up/down/left/right/forward/backward), add capability for more sound sources (X-Fi cards can have 128, and this game has 16 or at max 32).