"Hi, I'm the main character in this game. You'll notice this since I make alot of jokes and are pretty arrogant"
"Hi, I'm the main characters best friend. I'm more of the book-smart kind, as opposed to our hero, and although we argue alot we're good friends"
"Hi, I'm the girl the main character will fall in love with. You'll know this since I blush when you talk to me, and my main abilities is to be cute and shy. I tend to talk alot about wanting peace in the world."
"Hi, I'm the evil guy. I want to destroyd the world for no particular reason, probably just because I'm really, really mean."

The good-guys' quest is to stop world destruction at whatever cost. Usually several of our lives are of risks, and the girl is kidnapped at least one time, but it all works out for the best and in the end everyone is happy.