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Original Movie Files (1 comment)
Posted by LANDVOGT @ 03:25 CDT, 26 September 2021 - iMsg
I am searching for original files of Gamemovies. I am currently uploading all Videos i found on an old hard drive to Youtube and providing the Download per Google Drive (I guess this will stay online longer than those old mirrors we used on Planet Videos).

Do any of you still have originals? .avi .wmv .mp4 etc. , for good Quality (YouTube Compression is still horrible) and most important: readme - files.

If you do, would you share them with me? Easiest would be packing it all into a .zip and uploading them to, I guess : )

Alternatively, do any of you know a Website that is still up and running with downloadable movie files?
own-age and planet-videos sadly ceased to exist.
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Team Event Horizon Presents: Sessions - Episode IX (No comments)
Posted by TeamEventHorizon @ 13:21 CDT, 24 September 2021 - iMsg

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Any old school early 2000 members still here? (10 comments)
Posted by neuron @ 12:36 CDT, 24 September 2021 - iMsg
I just logged in on Esreality after more than 10 years i think. Any old school users still here?
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god damn. (No comments)
Posted by spamerio @ 07:38 CDT, 21 September 2021 - iMsg
Jamerio still a racist piece of shit, living with his parents and pushing his fantasy life?
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Sports car shaped Mouse (No comments)
Posted by Dale_jb37 @ 04:34 CDT, 21 September 2021 - iMsg
Hi. I loves to play video games. I want a car shaped mouse cause i loves to play car racing games if anyone have any suggestion plz give ASAP!
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Murkulation Duel Cup (21 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 07:04 CDT, 16 September 2021 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 10 October 2021 to 17:00 CDT, 10 October 2021
Begins In:

Ukraine Laskiy and Belarus Cyber are organizing an all-ELO Duel 300+ € tournament that will take place on the 10th of October.

Player's registration link here
You can donate (also specify to what you want to donate for)
EUR - uaLaskiy's paypal:
RUB - Nico's yoomoney wallet

The games will be streamed on:
United Kingdom Laskiy
Belarus cyber
Russia 102

To contact players, please use the following discord server(channel Murkulation cup):
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Quake 4 launcher v1.0 & new duel map (8 comments)
Posted by @ 18:37 CDT, 12 September 2021 - iMsg
New stuff has been released for Quake 4 by PlayQ4 community members.

- A game launcher and configurator released in version 1.0
- A fast and movement-optimized map designed by professional mapper Kryw


#Q4L Season 1
A 150€ cash priced league starting September 13th will qualifying top16 for a final tournament happening on Saturday, October 9th.
Details and registration at this link.

Links: PlayQ4-Discord, website
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Quake 4 launcher v1.0 & New Duel map by Kryw (No comments)
Posted by @ 15:54 CDT, 12 September 2021 - iMsg
Quake4 Launcher v1.0 & "Prodigy" by Kryw

We've been working hard to try and make something to help Quake 4 be more setup friendly to everyone willing to try it.

We have reach a milestone in development, and are confident enough to release v1.0 of the launcher.

TL;DR Video:


- Provides a desktop server browser for one click connect & play
- Provides an easy configurator for the game
- Detects your Q4 steam install path and sync the required maps to play on server
- Installs q4max with sample CFG and HUD
- Provides 5 reworked pk4 files that includes all popular maps, reordering them by mod and popularity.
-> Use those 5 paks on your servers will get you every map you need!
Next version features: friends, auto-matchmaking, & more


The launcher also contains the first public version of "Prodigy" by professional mapper Kryw.
Move & speed oriented duel map. DM (5-6 players) also awesome!

First ever Quake 4 1.4.2 speed optimized map.
All existing maps, even the awesome Monsoon, have some flaws because of the changes in gameplay that occurred along the short lifetime of Q4.

Finally a new and optimized one thanks to Kryw

New season of Q4L Ranked games will begin shortly on our discord pubobot ladder, and a cash prized tournament on Prodigy will be announced soon!

Join us on Discord at
Quake 4 Launcher v 1.0 : (you need Q4 installed on Steam)

Useless website at

See you in two clicks!
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Hot Damn! - Quake Live Movie (1 comment)
Posted by agekara @ 18:27 CDT, 11 September 2021 - iMsg

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Hot Damn! is a Quake Live movie performed and edited by me.
Frags are mostly from CTF, a bit from Duel and FFA.

I recommend downloading and watching the original video if you can because the audio balance between music and ingame sound sounds different a bit from youtube's.

4K resolution is available on youtube, but it is just upscaled from 1080p to 4k for getting higher bitrate on youtube.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Google Drive
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QL CTF 9/11 Showmatch (13 comments)
Posted by melechesh @ 06:50 CDT, 11 September 2021 - iMsg
To celebrate 20 years of freedom fries, is organizing a QL CTF showmatch tonight featuring United Kingdom vs Europe all-stars as part of their "Organ Grinder" series. Lineups are as follows:

Team "The Island":

United Kingdom Drayan
United Kingdom Aph3x
United Kingdom Rashan
United Kingdom Sno
United Kingdom fo_tbh

Team "2Fast":

Denmark Jcb
Turkey Raist
Norway Mastermind
Croatia Makie
France Fulgore

The QL match is scheduled for 17:40 CDT, although the stream itself will already be live at 13:00 CDT with a series of QC, QC:DE, Doombringer and Action Quake 2 showmatches being played beforehand.

Stream: twitch TastySpleenTV
More info: TastySpleenTV
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Quake 4 on the Doom 3 engine (5 comments)
Posted by Dynamix @ 10:22 CDT, 10 September 2021 - iMsg
You can finally fix the piece of shit engine and revive the superior Quake game, I believe in you guys.
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* N U K E D * (8 comments, locked)
Posted by Nuked User @ 17:48 CDT, 4 September 2021 - iMsg
* N U K E D *

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