I read this article about how scientist have managed to communicate with the human brain with help of electronic impulses (think that is the name). This means that in the near future the science about communicating with the brain with electronical equipement will be drastically improved. Blind people will be able to see again, deaf people will be able to hear, people uncapable of moving will be able to move again.

Anyway, the article also mentioned these "NeuroChips" which would give extreme mental abilites like: knowing the square root of a hundred digit long number, Photographic memory, extreme/superior logical thinking, improved tactical thinking, improved hand-to-eye coordination (for us gamers), improved chronological aweraness which means that you would be able to time, let's say, x items on the millisecond without even overworking your brain and probabaly you wouldn't even reflect upon it cause it'd be natural.

You would pay a huge amount of money for the so called 'NeuroChip' and they'd make a surgery and you end up with this very small, and undetectable chip in your forehead. With time the cost of getting this kind of implant would drop so that only the people with ALOT of money would be able to get the "best" chips on the 'market'. So basically, you'd be upgrading yourself from time to time. So one day you basically get tired of your 'AMD NeuroChip 2100' and switch to the 'AMD NeuroChip PRO 2500' :)

An implant of this type would give you waay much more extreme abilites than just genetic improvements.

So how would that affect us?
Let's be hypothetical and say i managed to get this kind of chip before anyone else - i would be the human definition of mental perfection, i could become just about anything. I could become the best Golfplayer in the world, best chessplayer, best engineer, best programmer, best musician, best actor, best footballplayer...you name it.

Would it make life more enoyable?
I'm not sure, but it sure sounds cool.. :)