Well, one of the few advantages of working in a cinema is the ability to see films first. Having nowhere else to unleash my review on the world yet as it's technically not out on Yahoo! movies, I thought I'd put it here.

The film's premise is much like the story. The beautiful Helen (Diane Kruger) falls in love with a prince from Troy (Orlando Bloom) while he's on a trip to Greece. He smuggles her back to Troy and her husband throws a wobbly. What makes matters worse is he's a king, and so's his brother.

So 2 kings get 2 more kings and attack Troy to get her back. In the midst of all this are the real stars: Hector (Eric Bana) - Troy's greatest warrior & Achilles (Brad Pitt) - Greece's greatest warrior.

The movie never seems ridiculous which is a hard task given what a lot of the people are wearing, and the effects (though occasionally below par) are for the most part so stunning you forget they're there.

The duel scenes are some of the best I've ever seen on the big screen. The majority of the actors are also superb. Especially Eric Bana and Sean Bean.

This is a no-nonsense epic that has something for everyone. I strongly recommend you check it out!