Well its came a shock to me as it will most of you, My life of gaming has been good over the past 5months but the sad fact of it all i am being banned from the internet, I can not use or be within 500yards of an internet terminal due to new government rules. WHY? i hear you all scream with sadness, well due to my unluckyness on Monday, the worst happend to me :(

.Monday 1st of March.

I was awoken abruptly by the rantent banging at the door, little to my knowledge was i to know who it was.. It was the Police. It seems they had suspected I have been doing something dodgy on the internet. I oponed the door and they barged in ransacking my room.. I couldnt understand what was happening. I quickly closed kazaa before they could notice any of the child porn I had on downloads (pls note this was for educational reasons). After 30mins of searching they took me and my computer into custody. I couldnt belive it? Was this a joke? Why me??

I was finally able to speak to someone and still they would not explain what was happening, but they kept asking me quesitons about the internet, stupid questions like "have you heard of kazaa, bittorrent, etc..." i was confused of these questions but persisted to be complient with the officials.

My mother arrived in the station with a dissapointed look on her face, what was going on here?!?! i was in deep shock to understand why everyone was interrogating me. My mother shook her head at me and gave me a sigh saying "dont worry honey, you will always be my baby" Now i was getting very annoyed at the situation.

The police called me into a tiny room, a box, kinda like the box on gtv before you start the game hehe. Well they explained me the reasons for whats happened. They had believed i was downloading kiddy porn, I was at the time but it was purely for educational reasons, I wasnt sure this was real, but i had to check. After finding 3gigs of pornography (which of most was underage) i was kept overnight in the cells.

.Tuesday 2nd of March.

I was taken into court, where i have been sentanced to 354hours of community service, £3000 fine and to see a therapist for 2months. They have provoked my use of the internet for a good 5 years. They have kept my computer in custody as evidence which i wont receive back.


I cant believe this has happened, but trust me it was educational reasons. I have managed to steal my brothers laptop and got on the internet for the time being, i will be gone from the internet in 5 days. Thanks to everyone who has been there as my friend you have been dear to me.

But pls do not hold it against me for this disgusting act, i was just interested on seeing if this stuff existed. Well next time i will learn not to do stuff like this.

THank you and goodbye :(