Someone explain this to me.

Akiles never cheated, he performed excellent in WCG2002. He was very good, could have been a dominant player if he had a decent internet connection to practice with and better LAN partners, also he was like 25+ back then and stopped playing as much. In any case, this guy is supposed to be a Quake historian, and he just dropped the cheater bomb just like that. What a joke. Im assuming he confused him with SombrA which was accused of cheating given an screenshot (and some made a case for it being a setup). It's either that or he is the average fanboy that hates when their idols get beaten by the guy that was supposed to lose. Or just good ole brittardation twisting historical facts against all things Spain.

In any case, Akiles never cheated. Imagine you spend years perfecting a craft to have some supposed expert were people go to to learn facts from and the guy says you are a cheater. Or some lazy ass "oh I think he was caught cheating later on on some online tournament, so even if he was the second best player in the world in 2002 it doesn't matter, but im a certified historian". Honestly what a fucking tool.