As you all know Heartless is a worthless noob, recently he claimed that Diman dodge is 1.5x youtube video speed, when it is 1x speed.
Retard is so slow he cannot see normal movements in q4.

So hereby I challenge Noobzless to come q4 and showcase his "LG Aim" in a duel vs Diman.

As we rightfully suspect the whole LG club of brainless, faye and others are 15% LG aimers.

Playing a totally irrelevant game (noob live) and game mode that does not take any skill or brain ability, without an ability to hit anything in a real duel vs any real opponent.

As you all know I have the strongest skill in the Universe and I run Academy of Aim Levels Accreditation and until people verify their skill and aim levels in quake 4 Q4max 240hz duel vs a sentient player who knows basics of dodging and movement, they are nobodies.

More about Aim Levels in Quake -

Heartless should take responsibility for his brain washed children he brought up in qlive, and if faye does not come to play, then you must come yourself, or be deemed forever in life to be a 15% LG player.