i am a long time fan, played q3 since 2001, my life deeply changed since i started playing quakeworld in 2008, i became empowered by it as a jump to new quake religion of fps and frag and raw art combined at superhuman speeds.

years later i got cancer and esr is full of idiots and trolls, we need new purge to rid quake community of trolls and other idiots who behave like idiots on purpose to dwarf the community and make themselves look like stupid dumb fucks with no life.

i want to reiterate how quake champions ruined quake due to endless trolling on esr, and people giving suggestions how marketing and graphics will save quake, which never made sense to me but i went along with it and supported this idiots which resulted in id abandoning quake live and creating this shit turd fuckfest which is quake champions, this piss of shit is just a turd, more over built by russians who i fucking despise, coming from russia as half ukrainian and seeing these stupid assholes spewing shit to cover up war crimes in ukraine, same way they have built this piss of shit game quake champions.

i supported id as company up to when they released this piss of shit, even though they did not let me into their company as lead dev to make their shitty games, they idiotically let some idiots who made some halo port on pc instead to make quake champions, why are people such idiots and feed their ego to such point that making their fans hurt is like second nature to them

id is now a turd, beyond saving, i play quake 3 on linux because it is true quake game, not a piss made for kids to pump their dick with leveling champions and opening cases. i am disappointed, and you are all responsible for this, you fucking morons pisses of shit.