So yeah, here it is.

I guess there is not too much to say about this pack, but people tend to ask all kind of questions so I felt like writing a FAQ won't hurt.
So if something doesn't work out as expected, I'd recommend to read this first : P


This pack contains HQ textures and all kind of stuff I made only for the purpose of recording movies and not to make it a perfect looking playable pack!
There are texture misalignments which I did not fix for a simple reason; buggy places are not shown in my latest movie.
Which simply means that it's rather a film stage instead of a map.

One of the reasons I release it, is that people can use it for anything they want and even fix some bugs if it bothers them.


- a modified pak0
Which has some custom projectile models and missing textures filling the gaps in maps.
Also hq explosions, simple items and some other stuff.
There are some weapon models repaints too, I made for the Speedcapture Promo back in the days.

- zzz models
Simply Keel and Visor repaints.

- cpm3a, 22 and 24

- mme config from 'dorftrottel'

- some skyboxes from the Speedcapture Promo


1. Whenever I try to open up one of the maps in CPMA/DEFRAG/WHATEVER MOD it gives me a Z_Malloc error.

- For some reason MME doesn't have this restriction. I'm sure some experienced mapper can fix this easily.
My bet is that all textures combined are simply too big and that I accidently saved some of the textures as Progressive instead of Baseline.
Batch resizing them to 1k should help. (Hopefully.)

2. Why are the cpm22 textures smaller than on the other maps?

- Because the scrateches had too much detail and gave me awful jitter artifacts. Downsizing them manually solved the problem.

3. Cpm24 works, but whenever I try to open it up a second time without restarting Quake it crashes.

- I guess the skyplate is too big. Downsize it to something reasonable and it should work.

4. Can I use these in my projects?

- You totally can. From my side there is absolutely nothing in your way.
If you want to be perfectly save copyright wise, I should mention that I used some stock textures to add details or objects like vents.
So you can still use those even on commercial projects up to a feature film level
you are not allowed to sell the actual image files on stock sites.

5. What is the normals sky box for?

- If you happen to use comp tools like Fusion/NUke or AE with the right Plug-Ins you can relight a sky if captured seperately as a sky-pass.

6. There are textures missing.

- In worst case yes, my HDDs crashed close to the end of the project.

That should be it.

Special thanks on this one go to Bliccer for fixing the lava shaders on cpm3a and cpm24 o/