Yes the time has come again my ESR BROTHERS =]
It is the annual christmas and new years tread brought you by your boy fizzle - This time it is consolodated into one thread at the wishes of my ESR OVERLORDS - shoutout to teen queen -

So you see that little cloud in the sky?? cuzz you see that big ol cloud o smoke in the sky - you think thats some fog?? really doe??? =] nah cuzz thats your boy fizzle smoking tha place out with the spirit of christmas.

So i first want to wish you all a happy christmas and a great new years and i hope you get what you want and a little bit on top if you kno what im saying =]<o~~~

You know me i am a man of simple measures all i want for christmas is a big ol blunt, happy fizzle jr, my side bitch happy and my wife be happy - shoutout to my wife -

Please take this time to post a christmas wishes in this thread i just want to give a shoutout to all ESR users, admins and staff for another year of dopeness =]

So what have you asked for christmas this year?

god bless you all and prosper in this times =]<o~~~
*passes blunt of christmas spirit*
-Peace (Y)
Fizzle x