From Cypher's last stream with timestamps. Enjoy =)

2-06-34 These fools are looking for the perfect fight - on the background of QL everything looking stupid.
2-10-55 (after frag), just, I'm just rush him like idiot with anarki ... that's it ...
2-11-25 - tactic at the level of "just do not give a rocket"

2-35-45 (after win) do you like this game guys? i don't ... i think it's bullshit
2-39-50 I already want to barf from this game (QC duel mode)
2-46-20 (after win) very nice game .... very ... very quality .... very strategic
2-47-00 saBREpulse in twitch chat to Cypher: it would be a bad game if you lost: D (seems like he from SABER interactive). Cypher to him: it was sarcasm if you know what it is(see Cypher's frag on video with Doom ability and low hp).
2-48-50 from twitch chat: How do you win the tournament (DH winter) if you dont like the game? Cypher: this is a good question tbh.

2-56-40 bitch, fuck, I do not want to play this fucking shit anymore, bitch, fuck .. fuck ....

Cypher dont like QC duel mode with small stacks, no map control, no positional advantage(position means nothing), only stupid fights ...