World's best Quake player shared his impressions about the game and offered some ideas about improving tournament process and gameplay. Russia Anton "Cooller" Singov - one of the most decorated and strongest Quake players in the world. In recently released Quake Champions Singov has already won several tournaments and made it to Top 3 in recent QuakeCon. We took an interview with Anton during "Moscow Championship" where he took 1st place.

What has been the best match of your career?

Cooller: Hmm (thoughtful). That wasn't Quake, it was Overwatch. DreamHack Winter 2016, one year ago. I was in the team Misfits and we won the final vs FNATIC. Back then emotions overwhelmed me, that was unforgettable. A huge event in my career. Before that I wasn't winning anything for quite some time.

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