Im still using the same WMO from the 4 batch I bought back then, but after I bought 4, I had one which broke. After I learned how there would never be a proper replacement, then I bought 4 at once to have hopefully lifetime suplply.

The first one, which had that grey tone to it in the base and was my first WMO, died years ago, then I got this 4 WMO batch from a chinese retailer. For some reason, the ones I bought are all black, the first one I had had the grey base:

Also notice that the wheel is grey.

The ones I bought in ebay, are all black, base is black, wheel is black, cable is black, it looks pretty sexy tbh with the reg light. Im just confused, why is this the case?

I remember asking this back then, and I think someone told me that the grey base ones are the ones that came with the original case, and the all black ones are the ones that are OEM in other words they ship without case. It's strange, because I never had any case for the WMO

Anyone can explain the difference in colors? from what I gathered, they are not chinese knockofs, they are real. Someone posted a guide of the different codes, and I remember that I concluded it was real, but I never got any explaination on the difference of colors