Update - b4 here. Available to play on xerosawyer.com (US East) (No password, CPM 1.48.)

Current loadouts:


2 x RL
1 x RG
1 x LG
1 x SS, GL, PG.

1 x RA
2 x YA
7 x SHARDS in two groups, one of 4 and one 3, (sound cues.)

1 x MEGA
4 x 25 HEALTH in two groups of two.
6 x 5 HEALTH in two groups of three.


As above, plus Invis.

- - -

So way-back-when, during the early days of Reflex development, newborn gave me a preview build of their client and let me loose on the map editor for a bit. Some of you may remember there being screenshots of the by-product of that:

So while the stress test was all well and good, the Reflex thing really didn't happen for me, and I figured the map itself was lost to compatibility limitations.

Until I realised you can port from Reflex to Quake 3 .map this afternoon...


It's early days, as in, zero caulk, r_speeds through the roof, unfinished - but functional - geometry.

At this point I'm looking for feedback on general flow, the preliminary item placement, and traversal. Stuff like the finishing the geometry, setting the detail brushes, adding playerclip, etc, I'll be dealing with later. Lemme know how you find bot play too, if you're testing solo.

Thanks in advance.