We're now in the final week of games for the regular season with Week 2 all wrapped up. Week 3 contains a lot of important games as many play-off spots are still up for grabs. As you'll see in this week's results, the games were again quite one-sided however there were a couple of great matches, and lots of great performances. As usual, you be able to find the predictions and bets for Week 2 below.

Week 2 Results & VODs

Week 2 once again was largely characterized by decisive games but as a result it also meant that we got to see some very strong performances. It's now become clear that Europe 2 Retards, Russia Promode.RU and United States of America ProMode Admins are a cut above the rest. All of these teams demonstrated great mechanic skills, awareness, and strategy. I would recommend catching games just to get an idea of how good teams are working, and thinking.

Our match of the week for this week goes to Argentina MANGERIS vs United States of America fitemeIRL. There was some great hpb Quad work by Argentina atp who was constantly battling to keep his team in the game, with his partner Argentina loner trying to shore up the offence. The games on Left Behind, and Sanctum had larger scores difference but it always felt like that the Argentinians were one strong cycle away from turning the tide in their favor. The Americans took turns playing hard carry, with United States of America pan1c coming through with a massive game on Santcum, and United States of America Chains taking over on The Hot Place.

Week 3 Predictions & Bets

For this week's predictions I was joined by our very own United States of America Magikarp. The games for this week should be a lot closer with 2 Genders going up against Bald and Beautiful in Group A, CZSK squaring off against Okidoki in Group B, GetServed challenging fitemeIRL in Group C, and finally RuN playing teotl in Group D. All of these games will have very significant play-off implications, as the losers will most likely having to pack up their mice. The game to watch for this week will be 2 Retards vs Sandels which is scheduled for May 11, 2017 at 14:00 CDT and will be streamed on [icon=twitch] nekonTV.

Group B is at a complete deadlock for the second play-off spot with CZSK, Okidoki, Team Spain all tied up in points. As we've said a few times if the real Spain memphis-hady show-ups, it's going to be a game changer, but he continues to be an enigma.

Magikarp Disclaimer: Reminder that I have only joined the CPMA community in August 2016, so my knowledge on the players or even just how players play is still minimal. This is just my personal opinion from what I think, know, and believe from whatever I could remember about these players and can infer. I would say not to take this prediction too seriously.

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