i originally posted in the admin forums that i'd like to buy a full copy of quake champions for a user who submits the highest ranked (by popularity) QC related original content (ie news, column, article, journal, or qualifying parent forum post [such as creative image, song, etc.]). admins are sadly unresponsive, and so i take this question to you, the peons. the people.

i don't know if it will be possible to preorder or gift QC yet, and i don't know what the full price of the game will be, but i would love to give some productive esr user a copy (or cash to match the cost of the game [up to $75 or so, i'm incredibly poor and this will affect my family budget]). from what i can tell, it will be possible to order a copy of the game with all heroes available.

anybody interested? anybody have some other idea that would be more fun for esr?

some other ideas that might be fun for this competition:

1. original qc hero designs
2. insult thread (most +'d insult wins)
3. candidate thread (users suggest who to win, and other users vote. candidate with most +'s wins)