I have been checking the game since the announcement and it looks pretty good.
However, recently I checked the nyx page and I saw that there is a speed limit of 800 ups to all champions and her walking speed seems around 320~ and her max 750~ as shown by the white and red bars.

I seriously hope this is not true and there is no cap in strafing speed, if yes its a major letdown for me and I bet for most people who can strafe properly or move well around the map.

Key points to consider this as a failure mechanic if its implemented:
1) a cj and 3 jumps will reach u near 800~ ups in VQL
2) a cj alone can give you more than 600~ ups in PQL
3)One rocket jump alone can give you more than 850~ ups

So, as you can see it makes no sense at all, I hope it is just a confusion or misunderstanding. Thanks.

*Here is the picture with nyx's stats I was talking about: