What you guys think of energy drinks (redbull, monster, etc) ? Do you drink it ? Does it improve your game ?

These days i'm doing a lot of 3L at once (6 cans of 50cl) and i feel ultra awake and it's basically like i played for 3 hours right at the 1st game.

3L + 1 or 2 pills of xanax and i'm ultra focused.

only downside, after 3-4 hours i start to feel sleepy, sometimes real sleepy, so only thing i can do is relaxing myself browsing the internet, watching movies, playing single player game, basically i lose almost all my stamina after 3-4 hours (but only if i didn't sleep enough at the previous night)

Do you think it should be called "drug abuse" ? Do you think it's like adderall, so basically cheating with your mind/body ?

i personally can't play on weed, cause i'm not used to it and often it's bad quality weed (here in France), so it makes me too relaxed and sometimes very sleepy, and it's like i'm in another mental state. I like weed, it's the only drug i would smoke from time to time if it were legal in France, and good quality one.

alcohol sux real bad, it's been like 1 year or something that i didn't get drunk. Last time i tried it, was like 9-12 months ago, and i just couldn't play at all, it makes me slow and clumsy. And it's BAD both physically and mentally. I do not recommend alcohol at all, except maybe if you're an army soldier and you have to kill people xD.

so yeah, for me, from all the drugs i tried, monster energy drink comes 1st, mixed up with xanax it's the perfect combo. Weed 2nd but i don't smoke it enough to get accustomed, and i don't plan on smoking it if i want a quake practice session.
Alcohol is last, this shit is cancer.

would like to try adderall if i had the occasion to do it, even tho it might be dangerous and get you addicted to it. Methamphetamine could also be worth a try, but only once, cause that shit becomes dangerous real fast.

what you guy think ? :>