I am making this thread as to take some input from the Quake community =]

I am planning a LAN maybe just me and my old friends from back in the day or maybe if we get the "funding" we will expand and invite ESR to our fist LAN but you feel me?? "funding" is if we wanna put bread on the table we gotta hustle in these hard polish streets so it is a priority - paypal ??? credit card - thank you =]

for me in no particular order these events + thing MUST take place @ LAN
Duel cup
blunt sesssion =]<o~~~
hoes + biches
pizza delivery
arm wrestles
stealing of the machinary
coke session
couch session
memory session + nostalgia + let it out of you
fight + a bit of crack session
race with real car / drift in the big wheels

So i need your thoughts ESR -

What is your ideal LAN?