Today the Diabotical (formerly Reborn) Kickstarter campaign reached the end of its one month public fundraising period.

The project, initiated by The GD Studio and fronted by James "2GD" Harding, raised a total of £168,314 from 6,951 backers.

Having surpassed the £110,000 baseline amount to fund the game's development after just 4 days, the Kickstarter went on to fund both the developers stretch goals; Co-op Race and Co-op Survival.

Diabotical, a project that began formally in mid 2012, will now continue development, with beta release projected for June 2017. After initial rumours and hype surrounding the game, fans became frustrated by an apparent lack of progress on the game, however the recent Kickstarter release and trailer seems to have convinced or at least excited many in the hardcore AFPS playerbase about the game's future.

Once released, Diabotical will be competing with other titles to revive and modernise the AFPS genre.

As of 30th August, Diabotical developers 2GD and FireFrog are running an AMA for the game (Ask Me Anything) over on Reddit.

Players who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign can still make paypal donations to receive beta access on the Kickstarter page until 5th September.

Links: Diabotical Kickstarter, Twitter @PlayDiabotical, r/Diabotical, Diabotical AMA