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Multiplayer alpha was leaked earlier today, here's how to play it.

>download everything from removed BROKEN LINK, SEE BELOW
>download start.bat from removed
>copy DOOMx64.exe from the FIXED EXE folder to the ALPHA DEMO folder, this will replace the "broken" exe found there
>put start.bat into the ALPHA DEMO folder
>run start.bat, wait for the game to load
>look at >>327605506 → for how to play with other people (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET, someone's working on the MP fix)

To play with bots, set up a private match and change the minimum client limit to anything greater than one. Not sure how to play with 5+ bots, but I'm sure there is a way.

>>327605506 → leads to these instructions:

Make a throwaway steam acct and login to it
Copy the fixed DOOMx64.exe over the one that came with the alpha
Then copy the steam_api64.dll/steam_api.ini/ayylamo64.dll/rungame.bat files from this zip into the alphas folder (overwriting the existing steam_api64)
Open rungame.bat to play, server browser should work fine and list any active servers.
Host a private match to make your sever show up in the browser for other people.

I was able to download it, but the links broken. I'll upload my copy tonight and look for other links.

Its finally uploaded, you can get it here: removed

Hopefully this one stays online for a little bit longer.

If you were able to download it, the multiplayer fix should be found at : removed

Some gameplay I recorded: