The story is basically, The company that me and two others own makes 3D animation so we had a pretty decent render farm, about 100 computers since the render engine (maxwell) we use takes forever to make an image.
So a few years ago i went in a snatched one of the computers for gaming at home. so right now i have as the image shows.

Anyhow we are no selling the farm since we are moving to a GPU render engine instead (Octane) its incredible fast and we don't need 100 computers anymore with all its overhead cost (rent, cooling and so on)

basically i could snatch a new computer which the IT guy tells me is slightly faster.

the new computer i could get have a Intel Core i7 3930K, instead of 24gb ram i get 32gb and the motherboard is a bit newer. this is all the info i have :)

I want your input if its worth moving my GPU card and SSD disk?
I'm sure it sounds like a stupid question for most of you but keep in mind that I'm shit when it comes to these kind of stuff, i just animate and play games on computers, so i probably have to ask someone to help me and so on...

As far as i can tell, the one i have right now is faster and cost more? why is the other one better?
How much would i gain when playing games?
Is it worth the trouble.

Thank you for your expertise computer wizards!

tl;dr edit:
Is it worth the hassle to move stuff like GFX card from my computer with a Intel Core i7 980 to a new computer with a Intel Core i7 3930K? is Intel Core i7 3930K even better then Intel Core i7 980?