At the time the game came out I was such a Quake fanboy that I despised any games that tried to make FPS games more "real"... I ended up not really giving the game much love until Enemy Territory was realeased 2 years later. I've just recently been going back through the singleplayer again and that's what sparked this journal entry.

I have to say the game still holds up and I think you could argue that it set the template for the modern shooter much like how Wolfenstein 3d set the template for 90s shooters. It packaged a great story driven singleplayer, fantastic multiplayer modes and it even included co-op with ZOMBIES... and this was nearly 15 years ago.

Next year will be it's 15th anniversary. An HD release would be amazing! I'd love to Return to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and I don't think I'm alone.