Message to MovieMakers from Petr Kukushkin.

I know that Quake movies is your first work in this field. To learn software, learn how to play the demo and exec your config. No hope, but ...

But still, I will give a little idea about the movie. That will make you popular. Take the 10 most popular modern graphically advanced shooters.

Further, the meaning is this: take a cool Quake movie , like
Cut it and the new modern shooters and mount like that

"Look how many possibilities in Quake and
there are none in the Call Of duty Ghosts \ Counter strike \ Bioshock \ Unreal Tournament \ Battlefield . And if so what the f*k do you play them?".

Or "put under video Like if you can't do it in your shooter."

All this you must upload to YouTube in the title tags and titles to your videos more names of modern shooters for best search results for moder shooter players.