Hi everyone,

So for around 2 years now I have had a problem with every mouse I have used on this PC, whether it be gaming grade or not. It affects every application used, not just games even the desktop and programs outside of an OS like startup repair.
OS's used: Windows 7, 8.1, Ubuntu.

The issue seems to be with general tracking, as I play games especially FP shooters aiming is a big part of the genre so I am put at a big disadvantage with my potential cut.

The issue is that the mice I use especially in-game feels similar to deceleration, for example if I were to move 90 degrees left or right I could make the movement but the mouse would feel slightly slower to make the movement; this isn't mouse lag as the input isn't delayed however the movement feels slightly behind.

The issue isn't down to mice I have used 6 different gaming mice, they all feel the same so please don't answer with it's down to DPI etc.

I have already negated some components being the cause as I have either swapped them out one time or more and have rigorously tested them in different scenarios.

Components negated: PSU, CPU, MOTHERBOARD, MICE,

It is either to do with conflicting hardware, or some settings maybe in the registry / bios.
I'm basing it on my GPU or possibly monitor as they seem most likely for any kind of delay which could have an affect on how the mouse feels.

is there are solutions anyone could give, I appreciate any support.