I have a CA server(oKiDoKi) and an Elo ~1600 and play in T3/T4 (my tier fluctuates between the 2). My main objective is to have fun playing Quake with people of similar ability. When I play in T4 I get slaughtered, in T3 I often finish top. So from this I've worked out that the best tier for me would be T3.5 . To try and produce this happy medium I run minobot (minqlbot.dll) which amongst other things allows me to enforce an Elo limit on players. I have arbitrarily set that limit at 1800 to test the waters. I have done this for the last few days and it seems to work ok. The bot automatically puts players above the threshold into spec and won't let them join a team. It also tells them the reason (this is a curtesy as the limit is advertised in the server title)

Problem: New accounts/Fakers.
Sometimes players come on who have modest Elo scores say 1300 and then play like Quake gods. One guy came on yesterday and had done triple the damage of my son (Elo 1700 and rising rapidly. He used to play Bf2 for a pro team and has recently started playing quake a lot.) I checked this guys stats on qlive and discovered his Rg was around 55% and Lg not far behind. Clearly this guy was VERY skilled. Now that's great for him and I respect that , but unfortunately it creates a dilemma for me. People started disconnecting because I simply couldn't balance the teams with him playing. This guys account was about a month old so maybe he just needs to play more games for his Elo to reflect his skill or maybe he's a faker. I don't know. Should I have kicked him in the interest of balancing the teams? I asked him about his real Elo and he said it was 2500 and laughed. I don't know wether he was serious or not. What is the policy on kicking during gameplay? I've heard it could be considered abuse (stat padding in duels and the like) but what about CA? CA is not serious Quake (that's why I play it) it's just a playground. I hate kicking anybody unless it's ansolutley necessary, but as an admin a certain amount of discretion to kick is both desired and required. Your thoughts please.

What would be useful would be a further layer of player profiling based on their skillrating. This variable seems to assess players skill much more rapidly than Elo. My son for example went from new account to T4 in a very short timeframe. I don't think this variable is directly accessible from a players stats however, but it can be found by using /serverinfo on an empty server (not very useful when a new player connects to a busy server). If the bot had this number (assuming a large enough number of games had been played) and the players Elo it could determine with much greater accuracy the true skill of the player.