Refex developers released a rather hefty update that plays a vital role in online FPS titles. - the netcode has been reworked, Ion Cannon (The quake lightning gun equivalent) damage has been lowered from 9 to 7 along with its knockback, spawn system has changed, hit sounds have been updated and plenty bugs were squashed. A snippet from the overview dealing with netcode
"The new Reflex netcode uses a combination of extrapolation and backwards reconciliation in attempt to keep what you're seeing consistent across clients and servers. This lag compensation has an upper limit of 80ms -- if you have more than an 80ms ping, you'll need to lead by ping - 80ms. I.e, if your ping is 100ms, you'll need to lead by 20ms.
Our backwards reconciliation has the same limit -- if your enemy has a ping of over 80ms, they won't be able to shoot you from 500ms in the past."
You are welcome to give it a shot, report feedback to developers and let them know how the netcode feels right now - if you're pinging below 80 it should be quite noticeable.

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